Brynn's Painted Dresser

A dresser painted in the style of 60's posters with various imagery and song lyrics and qoutes.

A painting project completed August 2007. 
A very tedious, but definitely one of the painting projects I am very proud of!

My friend Brynn and I have always been a fan of 60's Psychedelic posters promoting musicians like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley or promoting love, peace and harmony. So I was excited when she requested I paint her dresser with that Hippie style and groovy-ness. She gave me pages and pages of some of her favorite lyrics and quotes from musicians and authors such as U2, Elton John, The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Hunter S. Thompson.Brynn trusted me adding some of my own imagery and words in addition to hers.

Thank you Brynn for for being a groovy girl and giving me a cool project.
The dresser in its entirety.
View of the top-left side of the dresser: mountains, the sun and space with Elton John's "Mars ain't the place to raise a kid..."
Top View of the dresser: flowers, a field of song lyrics such as Queen's "I've got to break free" 
A tree located on the top surface of the dresser.
Close-up of flowers on top surface of dresser
Right side of the dresser with various qoutes and song lyrics from Queen and Elton john...
Right side of dresser detail
Right side of dresser detail
"The shadow proves the sunshine!"
Front side of dresser with the 4 drawers
Close-up of the two right side drawers
Close up of bottom-right drawer.
Detail of bottom right drawer.
Close-up of left side drawers.
Close up of bottom left drawer: "Well if you want to sing out... SING OUT!..." -Cat Stevens
Detail of bottom-right drawer: "Don't be shy..." -Cat Stevens
Left side of dresser showing various quotes.
Close-up of left side of dresser.
Detail of left side of dresser.
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