My design titled “Prehistoric Power Rangers” created for for their Power Rangers Themed Design Challenge. {Visit Threadless to score a 5, comment and share the design if you think it deserves it!} More about the design: 

….It’s 1993, and the beautiful city of Angel Grove is the place to be! Filled with a diverse population, a cool high school and a hip juice bar! However, before this modern age, there was the prehistoric age and the prehistoric age had 5 dinosaurs, who were a mega group of “Teenagers with Attitude" to protect the universe from e}vil! With their morphing devices, power coins and the power of friendship, they were unstoppable! Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, Tyrannosaurus! ...Go! Go! Prehistoric Power Rangers! 

My design is inspired by the "Dinozords" that are featured in the 1st season of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Television series. The TV show was a big part of my childhood. My brother, my cousins and I definitely reenacted much of the show and made our own team of Power Rangers. There was definitely some violence in the show that made it a controversial show. However, there was, without a doubt, many things that were great for the youth that watched this show. The power of friendship, the awesomeness of teamwork, the cool culture of karate and many other valuable life lessons! ….
Read more about the Dinozords and the Megazord in this in-depth Wiki article
Check a clip from the original television series. The source of the inspiration behind the artwork:
Check out Episode 01 from Season 01 of Power Rangers!
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